Akif Ikram

San Francisco Bay Area
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Streamlined Meetings

Website: streamlinedmeetings.com

Synopsis: Publish your availability, and let people schedule time at their convenience. You decide your available hours, and the length of the meetings.

Works with Google calendars.

Backend: Python using Django, serving data through REST APIs

Frontend: Javascript, JQuery

Infrastructure: Docker image running on AWS ECS using Fargate. CI/CD using AWS Code*



Member of Gracenote's corporate band GraceTones, 2013-2017 - Rhythm Guitar.

Covered songs by Led Zeppelin, James Brown, The Stooges, Jeff Beck, etc., along with several original songs.

Played at charity events like Silicon Valley Rocks, and company events.

Notable Venues:
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Museum, Cleveland, OH
Whisky A Go Go, Los Angeles, CA
DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA

GraceTones on Facebook
Performance at Whisky A GoGo